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Now what do I do?


Getting away from the last post

2008-01-03 13:57:50 by Sarai

Nothing much new! I am working hard and going to buy a house soon, but that's about it :) Tell me what you want here and I'll post it, or try too :) First request I'll work very hard on :P Story, poem, whatever etc.

Happy Birthday To Me :)

2007-09-28 14:45:09 by Sarai

Well, it's another year + 1 before clicking round before the big 3-0.... Not quite there yet, but hey I'm getting close to a few things:

1) Getting promoted
2) Going to see my family properly
3) Becoming a NG 'MILF'
4) Going insane

Well, that's about it :)

Happy Birthday Me


I've been informed by Rucklo that I can't be a MILF as I am not pregnant. I was then informed by another user that I can't be an 'ILF' because I'm an 'ugly cow'. Newgrounds, I love you!

EDIT x 2:

Wooooo, 2 hours to go to the UK birthday, it's like a 32 hour straight party :) Looking forward to events tomorrow!

Ghost Time

2007-08-27 15:50:23 by Sarai

Yeah, I really want to be Sadako. I can't help it that I look better semi-dead than alive. This was done in photoshop on a base picture of myself from a year ago.

Bit depressed today, but not letting it show to the people who count. In other news... Who counts these days? That's the sad thing.

Ghost Time

Games and things

2007-08-18 18:02:50 by Sarai

You know something? (Of course you do, you know lots of things... But this thing?)

On NG being female is not a good thing generally. But I found that when playing this game called Counter-Strike, you can actually get some respect whatever your gender. You don't need to tell people who or what you are, you can just play. IF you play well and make some friends they don't tend to treat you much differently when they find out your gender.

On NG it's a different story. If you're a male poster, it's stats and things that count. Female it's not really much that counts, I've found that making long term friends is hard, although I do have some, but there is a penchant for people to be attracted to you just because you're female. In the real world there's so many lovely women, it seems silly to focus on the one(s) who just happen to be on a website.

Anyway, the point of this is, that I beat FwE once today, but he also beat me at CS once. I think we're doing about equal now :)

Clothes, DVDs and Property

Obligatory notice of new shoes and clothes and also DVDs. As some of you know I'm a big fan of DVDs, especially rare ones :) My latest delivery was no exception and takes my net Purchase price of DVDs to something very high... Scary Scary Scary. But then again I've worked here for four years, sent about 35% of what I earn home, saved 25% and then spent the rest in different ways. Perhaps that is selfish of me, I should send more? But I don't know, I have this dream of owning property in the UK... Will I fulfill it? Probably not with the current house prices!


Wei Fu continues to be a success where it matters :) She is becoming a little book really, that's all I want to say on that. "Our Place" will continue, but Wei is taking priority at the moment.

Sarai signing out...

Games and things

I bet these kids are going to grow up scarred!

2007-08-13 13:40:43 by Sarai

I just don't know what to say. Why on earth would a fashion show put underwear models with kids!

I don't actually know if this is Korean, Chinese or Japanese. But looking at faces, I'd say Korean. Weirdos!

I bet these kids are going to grow up scarred!

So I have a few things to do

2007-08-08 02:48:33 by Sarai

Hello, this is a quick update that will be formatted better when I get home from work.

I need to do the following;

1) Send out prizes for art competition again. I hate this Royal Mail here, only one winner got something.


Prizes will be sent again this weekend to all winners. As Chinese say, wherry sowwie for UK rubbish Postmen, always on strike.

2) Post my now written new story chapters for Our Place


Two chapters written, :) Hello Gendo and all...

3) Get the house cleaned as I have a friend coming round tonight for dinner and she's been very good to me over the last year, so I'm cooking up nice things.


Done and done, a good time was had by all!

4) Sort out my clothes, Oxfam what I no longer fit into (I've got thinner, so size 0 is now sometimes a bit loose) ((But nothing like my friend who is tall... thin... great legs!)


No progress, clothes binning is a hard, painful thing.

5) Write some of you guys PMs and comments.

Update: Tonight and tomorrow.

6) I have a super sexy picture to post below here later ;-) Just got to crop a few identifying features out ;-)

And done :) Matrix!

Why Sarai?

Because of this:

1) You can edit it if you notice errors
2) You have 32k characters per chapter to play with
3) You can set comments to approve only, and thus moderate your own thread in effect. Delete spammers, encourage quality comments.
4) It's your collection, no more losing your story threads in general because the search bar is broken.

But Sarai? How do we use it to advantage?

1) Sig advertising
2) Advertise in the Writer's Guild
3) As per the Mod's posts you may have an update thread for ALL your works, IE posting "I posted a new chapter today etc"
4) PMs to regular readers.
5) PMs to random people ;-)
6) Myspace links etc.

Okay, sounds good?

Sure it is. Change always happens, even if we disagree that there was need for it, the end result isn't too bad.

My stories by the way?

1) Our Place - will continue on the BBS
2) Going East - Will continue on the BBS
3) Wei Fu's short stories will become BLOG posts
4) Moon Vipers' will continue on the BBS.

And possibly I will post psyce analysis for you on your blogs :)

So yeah... Happy days I guess :) EDIT OWN STORY ACCESS GRANTED!

Come to me fans ;-) (or not - write for writing's sake remember!)

Story Threads in Blogs is a good thing

What's worse?

2007-07-31 15:54:32 by Sarai

What's todays' topic about Sarai?

People and their attitudes towards life.


No, I hope not.

Go on then, if you must...

1) You're not funny when you just insult people at random. Hey, lets send Sarai (or other) a random message calling them a 'cunt'. Woohoo, original, fun... really really good use of time.

For you guys, I'm going to keep a little list of you. Once you get on that list, I'll keep track of a few of your posts, collate a scrap-book of your most idiotic moments and then post it, care of the ghost to your future wife. Oh yes. Delayed and meaningful revenge.

Well ooookay.... I wasn't being that serious, but the point stands. Why do teenage boys get a kick out of calling people much older than them and female 'cunts', 'dykes' or whatever.

It's because they don't have girlfriends in real life Sarai.

Ah... Now I understand, it's another complex part of the teenage, Western, male growing up 'right of passage'. They've reached the stage (or like SMC been stuck at it for a while...) when they need to be agressive to women to counter-balance the rejections they keep getting.

Ah, so we're back to Internet makes it easier for cowards to act...

So, tell us something we didn't know...

Well okay, for the guys here and out there who aren't like this, you're actually really attractive. Sure, some girls go for looks, some go for a combination of brains and looks. But there's also personality and seriously, some of you on this website are very dateable, however many, many more of you are too purile to imagine.

That got me thinking, what kind of girl will those second catagory get (and why can't I live near one of the 1st catagory)... Anyway, I think you'll get short, quick bursts of pleasure, nothingness in the end for a long time.

Kind of like their posts on NG huh Sarai?


Problem sorted, rant over?


Uhh, so well... Not much else to say, except that those of you who I think are great guys will know it by now :) Thanks for making things great for me and being special.

Picture for this time? Sure...

What's worse?

So... Let's talk about sex baby, let's talk about you and me.

2007-07-26 15:26:31 by Sarai

Songs on the radio that have no relation to blog post --> CHECK

So, you know this accountant thing:

1) It is all DR and CR entries. That is the fundemental thing about a company accounts.

Shell for example was reported to make today 39 million pounds a DAY profit. That's $90million a day in USD terms.

But when I look at that I'm so distanced from the money now that I see it as a DR or a CR depending. For example a CR to revenue and a DR to cash. These two must always be equal so although a company might be millions and millions a day in profit, everything in the end must be equal. The top half equals the bottom half...

Heh. My life sometimes feels like that too. For every DR asset I buy, I get some CR liability down the line. For every DR expense, I get some kind of CR to my assets... (Okay on the last one think bad debt expense and debtors)

But you didn't just want to talk to us about Accountants right?

No, I wanted to link to some of the BBS stories I love at the moment, then yes, I'll post a nude pic or something...

A Little Ghost Story - Japanese-Horror-esque from Monocrom

NG Fire Department - From Crue - excellent!

Ragnarok - Watch me getting beaten up in every chapter > : <

City of the Dead - ace, totally ace! Writing, darkness and beauty

Well, that's it...

Oh Nude picture

Nah. But I'm doing a leg competition with DSG :P Vote Sarai? :p