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Sarai's link-a-thon

2007-07-25 01:17:02 by Sarai

Okay, so it's time to get away from NSFW comments and also comments on certain NG users.

Time for Sarai's link reviews and round-up.

My favourite Music Videos at the moment

Chaiyya Chaiyya Bollywood Joint

So, you've seen Inside Man? That tune at the start is ace, this is the original Music Video from India. I am learning to dance like the girl in it, but I just can't get my neck to do the Hindi thing. Re: Goodnesss Gracious Me, 'I want to live like Hindi People'.

Nana 2 - Music Video

Nana is one of my favourite Japanese movies. I am currently waiting for the second film to be released with Chinese sub-titles. Yes-Asia has my pre-order for it :) Anyway, Mika Nakashima is pretty and a good singer, she's also in the film this sexy Goth girl, it's appealing :)

Turbo Tax - A CPA in a CPU

Yeah, it's weird. But I like the tune. I think my job is safe though :)

E-Nomine 'Mitternnact' - Great MV

E-Nomine are one of my favourite foreign groups. They mix German, Latin and a rock / classical take on music. Their words have some great flash videos on Newgrounds as well. Search for them :)

Nana - The best Nana Music Video - wait till 0:41 seconds in :)

Nothing else to say :) So good.

What else have you got for us Sarai?

Only the best stop motion video ever

What about yourself?

Well, I am very tired... My story has been updated... I am in awe of El-Deugo's story... Carmilla is back...

Link needs to update City of the Dead
Oh and, by request, my NG profile pic, larger.

Oh and I would like story comments, real comments. IF you can give me a real review, I would be very happy.

Sarai's link-a-thon

It's summer, really? Also, OMG NSFW.

2007-07-24 09:58:26 by Sarai


A couple of users who wanted to demonstrate their 15 year old mental state are Racistbassist and Heliopolis, (sp on that last stupid name). They decided that they'd like to spend a few hours of their time spamming up my last blog post with 108 comments each a few pages long.

Well, it took all of 30 seconds to delete them with help, so boys, sorry all that effort was wasted, I suggest next time you spend the effort on something worthwhile, I.E likely to MEAN something.

'Meaning' something Sarai?

Meaning is defined as having a purpose. In an ideal world everyone's actions would have a generally positive impact on others.

In reality, some decisions have to be made that are bad for a group of people (or person) in exchange for benifits for the majority (EG, me being demodded!) heh. In nasty reality, the powerful sometimes just make decisions for themselves.

On Newgrounds there is not that much that is 'meaning'. We post, we score flash, we chat, we make some e-friends. Lots of what we do is worthwhile here. In the greater context of the internet it is also worthwhile to spend time developing friendships and making other people happy.

That is why people like Monocrom, Jade, El-Duego, Mick and others make good use of their time, they make people happy.

Contrast this to the users I mentioned above whose activities are by themselves. They do things for themselves only, against the benifit of the majority.

This is because they are selfish and self-centered. RaccistB in real life could never talk down and call someone who is older than him bv probably at least ten years a cunt 100 times to her face. So he does it on the internet to make his little e-pen... ego bigger. He gets a kick from calling a woman a cunt on the internet and spending an hour spamming her blog.

Does this tell you what kind of person he is in real life?


He is the kind of person who doesn't have the guts in real life to be strong, but is a slimey little character who takes out his frustrations on the internet, behind the barrier of anonimity it provides. His actions are for himself and benifit himself only. It's sad isn't it?

But it's the Internet Sarai!

The internet is still real people communicating with each other. As more and more interaction becomes e-based (eg business, instant messaging, etc) the need to be mature and have your real personality shine through gets stronger and stronger.

Those of us who are stuck in the past, with fake personality, or worse, letting their bad sides out on the internet because they need an ego boost and going to get left behind. For example when RaccistBasist starts a job in the future, his employer will search his e-history, Myspace, Newgrounds, anywhere they can find out about him. They'll find out he went around calling people cunts all the time and that he defends child pornography and they won't hire him.
That is the future of the internet in a few years.

Are you prepared?

Other stuff:

My story is expecting a new chapter today ;-) Hint hint. I am also looking forward to more by El-Deugo and the start of Monocrom's and Zen's stories.

Oh, and what the hell are you waiting for? GET DANCING

It's summer, really? Also, OMG NSFW.

You're boring NSFW &

2007-07-22 03:11:52 by Sarai

The controversy

There seems to be some controversy at the moment around moderation of user blogs and the right of users to post up NSFW material in their blogs.

We had Ecke's who some defended without actually seeing the images. Racist_Bassist for example claiming there was 'no nudity'. Yet in fact, there was nudity. The nudity in question was of a young looking girl.

Since this website has a legal ToS you agree to, you agree to abide by the rules and laws in the juristiction of the website. One of these in the US is from what I understand where if you post nudity of women you must have a disclaimer and documented evidence that the model in question is over 18.

Thus in this regards, there is no way for Newgrounds to host this type of material. There are no records and even if users' 'signed off' on a picture being over 18 there's no way for the site owner to confirm this. This thus leads them to being sued or whatever by the American authorities.

But wait, it's more about your mindset

The users who post such material do it why? Afterall the internet is full of porn that anyone can see. Why then would they put it in their blogs? It's nor original material so to speak.

The reason is that they're attempting to be 'edgy', attempting to be 'cool', etc. Usually the user is 14 - 18. That's the age range where talking about 'fingering girls in class', or 'fucking' or whatever is seen as trendy by their peer group. So they take that attitude to Newgrounds and expose to other people how purile they are.

The fact of the matter is that they would reach the age of 25 or so and be ashamed of what they posted in most instances.

But Sarai, isn't NG for fun?

Sure it's for fun. Newgrounds can have NSFW work content and be great. Pox drew me getting attacked by a Tentacle monster once, original, funny etc. Stamper does his Unicorn things.

The repeated posting by users of for example nude females, guro or whatever is just boring and so over-done it's nothing interesting. These users go against what NG is about, NG is about the cutting edge. Posting porn is so fifteen year oldish and so common that it's got nothing to it anymore.

So post your porn, feel good about how 'edgy' you are. Attract lots of comments to swell up your ego. You're so boring and stale.

Here's something else though

Monocrom is expected to make a new story sometime soon, this is something to look forward to :)

My threads and please, your comments!

2007-07-18 13:00:43 by Sarai

Hello boys and girls,


I wanted to post a few of the stories I've written on the BBS as well as the link to my psychoanalysis thread. In addition I've posted a couple of threads that I've made that I feel stand out from either my own or from the standard BBS ones.

It's kinda vain. Sorry, but yeah I do think I've made an impact on the BBS since I joined. For worse, for better, who knows the over-all result. But here's a few things that I've done that I am proud about

'Our Place' a BBS story

: My current BBS story, in progress and updated on quite a regular basis. Not as good as I'd like to think it is judging by the comments I've been (not) getting. If you can help me make it better, please let me know.

Will psychoanalyse your user name

: I guess this is my most 'famous' thread. It's about 75 pages long now and I've written well over 150,000 words in MS Word analysing BBS users such as yourself. If you'd like to me to have a go at you and you meet the thread's posting requirements, please do post there!

A Political Anarchist in the People's Republic of China

: A story from a series I wrote about Wei Fu, a woman in China and her life and encounters. I've posted this one and the other more 'action' chapter below. There are a fair few others not posted on NG for reasons of copyright. 'A concise Dictionary of Wei Fu...' heh.

A Gym Instruction in the People's Republic of China

: See above

A Shinobi's Weapon is not always her Sword - Erotic Sarai's Writing :p

: My first and only attempt at erotic writing. Didn't go too well, but what do you think? Comments are very welcome.

The Moon's Vipers (BBS Screenplay)

: A rather long but unfinished screenplay based on Science-Fiction.

Running forever Blind - BBS Screenplay finished ;-)

: A finished Screenplay, over 100 pages of MS Word, in a five page thread. Sadly not too many comments :(

It's Time to Stand up to Israel

: A thread that made it on the News Stations and was copied around the internet (See the 'Swamp'). My thread about Israel's illegal war in Lebanon as well as their human rights atrocities was complex, huge and exposed passions on both sides. A fitting thread to keep, because of the generally pro-Israel majority in the Politics forum.

Going East - BBS Horror Story

: My favourite, but unfinished story attempt at horror. Someone motivate me to write more :)

So there you have it, a long list of threads I enjoyed writing. Some of them are good, some bad. But I'd love to see what new people think of them, PM me and I'll give you a personal response.

How to Destroy a Guy

: Oh yes... Can't forget about that! How to destroy a guy. Not a good topic on a male BBS :)

Ex-Mod. Ex-Cry Baby. Now just a BBS story poster. Hate me, love me, not sure if I care now. But your comments on my stories which I do care about would be very welcome and I can always offer a pscye analysis in return :)

Thanks guys and girls for reading.

My threads and please, your comments!