So I was all like, this is going to be too large!

2008-05-17 11:22:56 by Sarai

And it was too large!

NG, shame on you for not stocking XXS.

So I was all like, this is going to be too large!


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2008-05-17 14:34:24

do you ever shop at Morrisons?

Sarai responds:

Once or twice.


2008-05-17 15:12:44

you should show your pretty face! :3

Sarai responds:

Ah well, I'm doing a Captail Jack :P My face anyway is in the banner.


2008-05-17 16:15:42

You -- you're a girl?!?!?!?!

Sarai responds:

No, I'm a torso with breasts and some arms. I might even have the base of a neck.


2008-05-18 16:29:15

I'm sure after you wash it a few times it'll fit a little better.


2008-05-22 16:20:52

Perhaps a few times in the dryer should solve the problem?

And how are you doing? I haven't spoken to you on MSN in a while.


2008-05-22 16:53:34


Once upon a time, I used to fit in a XXS. Like, a decade and a half ago. :(

Sarai responds:

Jade my dear, you're just a sexy sculpture of a woman, feel free to squeeze me to death anytime :)


2008-05-22 17:12:59


You're so small and cutesie.